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Matt von IGN zu TimeSplitters 2


Jiyuu Tenshi
I've been playing a lot of TimeSplitters 2 for GameCube lately. I have to say that develoepr Free Radical Design has done an amazing job with the game thus far.

It is quite possibly the fastet moving console first-person shooter of all time. It blazes. Really hauls ass. Runs at 60 frames per second, of course, but more than that, the pitch for up and down, left and right is super responsive. It almost feels like playing with a mouse on a PC -- it's that nice.

Beyond that, though, the first level is the dam -- a complete and blatant GoldenEye rip-off, but it works. Going through the military base and sniping enemies never felt so good. There are cool gadgets and objectives, too. For instance, a radar weapon detects the beams of security cameras located about the stage. Players have to avoid these cameras or alarms will sound, so they must use their radar to sneak by them. Then, when they are out of harm's way, they can snipe the cameras with their gun or throw a timed mine at them.

Of course there are armed guards all over the place, but it's not standard GoldenEye stuff. Just when one thinks it's getting predictable, a biohazard spill turns all of the enemies into walking undead -- kind of spooky really, and things really go crazy from there.

Just thought I'd give everyone the heads-up that TimeSplitters 2 should definitely be on your must-have lists later this year. Really cool game.

Aber wahrscheinlich müssen wir bei der Cube Version genau wie auf der Xbox auch auf einen Onlinemodus verzichten :(